Currently under development

This project is currently under active development. We are open to commmunity feedback and will be seeking testers in the near future. If you would like to contribute to the direction of this project, feel free to contact me.

kiyânaw Transcribe

Free online collaborative transcription software.

Online collaboration

The currently tooling for transcribing is limited in its ability to support multiple learners working in tandem. kiyânaw Transcribe allows for multiple users working in the same transcription simultaneously.
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Collaborative transcribing

Audio & Video support

Currently MP3 and MP4 support are available for transcription media formats, with additional formats planned soon.
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Support for various media formats

Deep linking

Clicking on a region will result in the URL updating to that region's location, allowing users to share the URL with others to gain support on problem areas easily.
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Deep link to specific regions

Issue flagging

As users encounter problem words or areas within a transcription, those words can be flagged as problematic for follow-up later on, and will be visually marked for easy identification.
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High frequency words

Spell checking integration

When analysis (spell-checking) is available for a language, advanced indexing becomes possible, allowing us to keep a list of high-frequency words. Studying these lists can help to speed the advance our comprehension and fluency.
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High frequency words

kiyânaw Transcribe Roadmap

Current progress and upcoming features for kiyânaw Transcribe
  • Internal testing and development
    Internal online release, spell check support for nêhiyawêwin, issue submission, mp4 video support, database indexing, adjustable playback rate, shared transcriptions.

  • Beta release
    Realtime updates upgrade (Amplify API v2), realtime collaboration, contributor awareness, private transcriptions, disable indexing, itwêwina lookup.

  • General availability
    Publish transciptions, export formats, syllabics support, +1 language spell check, versioning, keyboard shortcuts

  • kiyânaw Theatre
    kiyânaw Theatre will provide a publicly-available list of published transcriptions that will be viewable in "theatre mode", along with the ability to export subtitles files for other platforms such as YouTube.

  • Transcription Trainer
    Training mode uses an existing, finished transcription as the key for training users on transcribing. Rather that highlight words spelled "correctly", the transcription will highlight as the learner correctly matches the key.

  • Issue browser
    Central location for the browsing, searching & filtering of issues across a body of transcriptions.

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